Herrin-Gear Chevorlet - Truck in for tune-up they blew the motor up

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January 2005 I took my truck in to Herrin-Gear Chevorlet I-55 High Street, Jackson, Ms.for a simple oil change and tune up.

The mechanic suggested a motor flushing as well for better performance and I agreed to it. Once I was called and informed that my truck was ready for pickup and the quoted price of $1033.00. I informed them that as soon as my wife got off work and I got to the bank I would be there. Not thirty minutes latter I received another call.

Mr. Woodruff while we were driving your truck off the stands out of the shop your oil pump went out and locked up your engine. It's going to be around $5000.00 to replace it. I had to end up paying Herrin-Gear $1033.00 and a towing service $60.00 to remove my truck.

I paid one attorney to assist me in this matter and he withdrew from my case the day Herrin-Gear had me falsely arrested.

I was arrested on a so called warrant that no one can find and assaulted by the officers and released R.O.R.To this four years latter Herrin- Gear is still up to the same thing voliating my rights, not attempting to pay for there wrong doing and making false statements to the police.

Review about: 1987 Silverado Truck.



call me asap 601-238-7953


Be safe pawpaw and keep up the good work.


You do have a lawyer ?

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